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PTechnology uses an account balance system that works very similarly to Top-Up SIM cards: both the services and phone calls are deducted from this balance. Why do we use a top-up system?

Your personal information protection

No personal information can be decrypted from a phone bill or bank transaction as with a traditional subscription model. There, both the bank and the service provider are obliged to record the data related to the transaction in an interoperable manner.

Data and cybersecurity protection

Hired or boring cybercriminals cannot take over the control of your communication by capturing your PTechnology credentials, even if a virus infects your colleague's computer in the financial department.


Our users can top up their client’s or family member’s account without having to know the other’s login password. For example, a consultant or a law firm can easily create the conditions for secure communication in this way, for the protection of their client and themselves.


Communication is completely free within the Ptechnology Shielded Ecosystem, however, in the event of a call from outside the system, the regular phone carrier must pay a network usage fee (per minute fee) to the third party for the use of the network.

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