Client devices and solutions

Keep your communication safe and secure, and leave behind the unprotected services

Our developments aim to secure all the telecommunication methods required by modern business. By launching our latest products, PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem will provide a solution for all types of telecommunications, eliminating the need for other insecure communication channels.

Ready-to-go internet and calling solutions

eSIM DATA - Roaming-free Global Internet Access

Protect your privacy while communicating over the internet worldwide. Using NonPry via our eSIM DATA connection provide you the utmost secure and private communicationn

  • Global DATA in more than 170 countries without roaming fees
  • No contract or obligation
  • None of your personal information disclosed
  • Easy to setup, ready-to-go solution

NonPry Unlimited Phone Card

Call more than 170 countries all around the world for 30 days for free of charge with your NonPry Unlimited Phone Card. You can easily buy it digitally on our website, or at your favourite local stores (soon).

  • Global DATA in more than 170 countries without roaming fees
  • No contract or obligation
  • None of your personal information disclosed
  • Easy to setup, ready-to-go solution

PTechnology client end-points and devices

On-the-go mobile solution on your existing phone - NonPry

Secure calls, messaging, document and file sending on your existing phone. With our NonPry SIP VoIP application, you can easily separate your business from personal calls like you would have two mobile phones in your pocket. The system is isolated and protects you from malicious governmental malware like Pegasus.

  • HD audio calls, business messenger
  • Secure even using public Wi-Fi
  • Encrypted document and file sending
  • Flexible solution without investment

Entry-level office landline devices - PPcrypt

The SIP-T4S Series devices are feature-rich business tools for superior communications. Fast interface built-in programmable keys enhance productivity, while the Yealink Optima HD Voice technology delivers superb audio quality and crystal clear voice communications.

  • Premium quality, durable devices
  • Multiple lines and accounts
  • Cutting-edge hardware and software
  • Rich-feature landline solution

Executive landline devices - PPcrypt

Dynamic business communication solution for executives and professionals. This phone offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications swift, easy and convenient. The SIP-T48S is also with Yealink’s Optima HD Voice technology and wideband codec of Opus for unparalleled audio clarity.

  • 7" 800x480px, 24bit color touch screen
  • Easy Customization, High Expandability
  • Phone lock for personal privacy protection
  • Easy Executive and Assistant cooperation

Landline secure collaboration device - PPcrypt

The next level of landline secure collaboration with in-built camera and secure wireless connectivity. High processing power, maximased data encryption, improved response speed and integratability to meet requirements of modern business and future sustainability.

  • Crystal clear audio and video
  • Secure NON-DECT wireless handhelds
  • Secure Bluetooth and Wireless
  • Portable, secure on every network

Reception desks and assistance stations - PPcrypt

A high-level landline device combined with an Expansion Module is ideal for receptionists, administrative assistants, and contact centre workers. The bundle gives the user the ability to monitor contacts and manage a large volume of calls with ease.

  • Full-features remote operation
  • Meet the security requirements
  • Virtual Assistant, remote compatibility
  • Surveillance (MITM) protection

Meeting room devices and solutions - PPcrypt

First-class, high-performance conference room device portfolio covers every scenario from small to large meeting rooms. With the Wireless Microphone sets, podium or audience tables can be connected as well. Phone users will think they are sitting in the same room with one another.

  • Noise Proof Technology
  • 360° voice capture
  • Best-in-class HD audio quality
  • Wireless microphone expansion

High-quality video conference solution - NPconf (soon)

The Video Conferencing Endpoints of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem. Ultimate simplicity, perfect solutions for every size of meeting and conference room. Lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience with wide-angle lenses, cameras with optical zoom and FHD+ sensors.

  • HD Audio and Video quality
  • Local Multi-screen interactions
  • Interaction and collaboration
  • Customisable, unique solution

Exclusive solution for priority persons - NPhone Secure Communicator

The highest level of protection of your privacy and your communication. Entirely isolated communication network, without any connection to the regular networks. No data collecting, saving and storing. No build-in backdoors. Deep fake voice and video protection.

  • Elegant and premium device
  • Uniquely closed email system
  • Closed OS, no backdoors, no APIs
  • Intrusion protection with self-destruction

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