Private global internet connection

Protect your privacy while communicating over the internet worldwide. This is eSIM DATA solution from PTechnology.

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Using NonPry via our eSIM DATA connection provides you with the utmost secure and private communication

With the introduction of our eSIM DATA solution, we aim to create a secure and reliable connection to PTechnology worldwide.

What's more, the Internet we provide is protocol-unrestricted, so it can be used for everything from email to browsing websites.

With the combination of NonPry and eSIM DATA, your communication is entirely secure and private even in countries with untrustworthy governance.

  • More than 170 countries without roaming
  • Full data speed, no daily limits or throttling
  • Simple and ready-to-go solution
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Global coverage, reliable internet

End your dependence on your mobile operator for data connectivity and use your internet connection worldwide, without roaming charges.

Not only will your connection be more reliable, but you'll also have reception in places where you might not otherwise have it.

  • More than 170 countries without roaming
  • Full data speed, no daily limits or throttling
  • Connected to the strongest network in your actual area


Prevent the collection of your personal data

With our eSIM DATA solution, eligible Android and iOS devices can connect to the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, which is already secured with multiple layers of protection, encryption and firewall, through our contracted operator networks.

It's the only way to prevent telecom operators from saving and storing your personal data, as well as linking your data usage patterns.

  • No personal data is collected or linked to your data usage
  • You can isolate entirely your business and personal communication and data traffic in one phone
  • You make it harder for cybercriminals involved in industrial espionage


After registration, it's up and running

Global private data connectivity is available in minutes, all you need to do is create an account and choose the right package.

  • Free from commitment and contract
  • Nothing to do before any business or private trip
  • The simplest private data solution available today

eSIM packages


During the registration, we do not ask for or collect any unnecessary personal data of yours. This is how we protect your privacy, and keep your communication safe.

NonPry Unlimited phone card + eSIM Internet


/ month

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  • Unlimited international phone calls
  • 2GB eSIM internet

NonPry annual price package + eSIM Internet + DID number


/ year

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  • Unlimited international phone calls
  • 50GB eSIM internet
  • Annual US DID number

Only three steps to start


Create your account

Choose a user name, and a password for your client admin.


Purchase a licence and the add-ons

Your NonPry is ready to use, while your PPcrypt devices arrive in 5 days.


Plug in your PPcrypt phone and log-in with NonPry,

And you are ready to make your first protected calls from your 7-digit PTechnology Phone Number!

No commitment period, free NonPry / PPcrypt calls worldwide

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