PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

A global, but closed telecommunication network to protect your audio and video calls, and messages.

The exclusive ecosystem provides you untappable, untraceable and unsaved communication. Businesses, individuals and priority persons use to protect their calls, privacy, intellectual property and sensitive documents from unauthorised third parties.

A closed and isolated communication network with 7-digit phone numbers

The PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem is a new generation communication network that combines the best enterprise-grade phone services features and a secure, TOR-like communication network infrastructure designed by telecommunication and cybersecurity engineers. The system connects individuals and businesses globally using an existing internet connection.

In the PTechnology network, each user has their own 7-digit phone number (PT number) to make audio or video calls, send text or voice messages, documents, contracts, photos and other multimedia files.

The Ecosystem is entirely closed and invisible from the public internet, and only the PTechnology provided and configured devices are able to connect to the infrastructure. Those devices can flawlessly run our unique, continuously updated cryptographic processes to protect audio and video your calls.

Our communication servers offer a modern telephony service designed to support global businesses; hence the system is absolutely a worldwide, remote-working-ready solution. Within the PTechnology network, all communication between two active accounts is free.

We designed the system with the following principles in mind:

Uncompromising communication security

Respect for privacy and personal data

High-quality service, excellent user experience

Uncompromising Security

Complex, multi-level protected security system.

PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem is designed to protect the communication data stream from unauthorized access at the highest possible level.

The result is an ecosystem with multiple levels of protection, in which all elements are unbreakable. But even if someone could break into the system, it doesn't make sense: literally no communication-related data or log is saved or stored in the system.

Our security fundamentals

Data transmission protection

Every data is transmitted via protected servers

In contrast to vulnerable Peer-To-Peer communication, within a PTechnology ecosystem, the communication devices do know and see only themselves and the nearest communication server. The data stream is 100% protected.

Eavesdropping protection

Self-protective and reactive ecosystem

Every component of the system is protecting itself. When a self-defensive algorithm detects a suspicious activity, the element immediately terminate every connection with the network and leave the ecosystem, without a trace.

Information protection

No communication data is saved or stored

No communication data (conversations, sent files) is recorded or synchronized in the system, so data breaches are literally not possible. Even the administrators do not see any communication data in the system.

Traceability protection

Random data transmission path without logging

During a call, the communication stream is encoded, then split into several chunks. The different data pieces are then sent on random, different paths to the nearest communication server. The process is not logged in any way.

It is much easier to occupy Mordor than eavesdrop on a call within PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem. This, at least the eavesdropping part, is supported by regular cyber security audits and the complete ineffectiveness of organized attacks from all around the world on a daily basis.

The structure of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem -
It is built like a virtual fortress

Elements of the network

Protected communication clients

Soft and hard phones with isolated software

Our cryptography and other processes run separately and isolated from the device's other services.See our user devices

Protected client-server connection

Secure data channels with multi-level protection

The encrypted communication data travels in VPN-like but more secure, protected channels to the nearest PTechnology server.Learn more

Protected Communication servers

Global communication server infrastructure

Responsible for transferring the communication data from the sender to the addressed device without a trace. More about telephony features

Protected, guarded Network gateway

The supervised gate between the two network

The gate protects the ecosystem, and connect regular phone numbers with PT numbers viaVirtual Phone Numbers .

Privacy and personal data protection

We believe that privacy matters.

We share the same interest: the less information the system stores about you, the less data we need to protect. This is why we use only and exclusively the data that is essential to provide you the service.

Our approach to privacy

Our NonPry Soft Phone Application in the App store

We share the same interest: the less information the system stores about you, the less data we need to protect, so we only store and use data that is necessary for the service.

For this reason, instead of classic automatically-renewal subscription-based model, we use a top-up account balance system with time-based pre-paid licences. In this way, we do not need to be synchronised with a payment gateway, and store either your financial or your related personal data.

We do not sync any personal data like contact lists or messages, so by using the PTechnology communication services, you comply with all current data protection rules such as GDPR, CCPA, DPA, etc.


No Personal data stored

No name or phone number is needed to register

The system only needs a notification email address as personal-related information to address future system notifications and security messages.

No financial data stored

Account balance system, time-based licences

The user accounts and the payment system are separated without direct synchronisations. Even more, no one needs to log in to top up their or any other's balance.

No server backups

No server syncs or records of your data

To protect your privacy, we have designed the client devices to keep save and not to share contact list, call and activity logs, messages or other data with any other elements in the network.

No communication logs

Whom you talked to is only your business

Call logs are not synchronised, and the servers do not record your calls. So only you and the person you called can know about your conversations.

High-quality, feature rich phone system

Premium communication solution with elegant devices

The system, although accessible to everyone, carries a kind of exclusivity in itself due to its closed design. This specialty is supported by premium devices and services.

The exclusive network comes with exclusive features

Feature-rich phone service

Features your business needs, and more

It satisfies every need, from a one-person freelancer through a complex system of a large company of 1,000+ people. More about the features

An integrated solution

Comprehensive device portfolio

Each of our selected devices fulfils its purpose perfectly, from the on-the-go NonPry mobile application to the high-quality meeting room solutions.

Crystal clear communication

Amazing clarity, HD audio and video quality

Communication is high quality even internationally, as if people were sitting side by side, thanks to our closed and efficient infrasctructure.

High-quality devices

Premium look-and-feel, mature software

To provide a great user experience, the phones' software is streamlined, and physical devices are of premium material quality.

Client solutions in PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

NonPry Mobil Application

Secure calls, messages on your existing phone

Secure communication and file sending on the go. Feature-rich telephony, like a second phone.

PPcrypt Landline devices

Elegant, remote-work-ready landline phones

Wide range of landline devices with great user experience and crystal clear HD audio.

PPcrypt Video Phones

High-End video collaboration

Elite devices with HD video conferencing functions, equipped with encrypted Bluetooth handset by default.

PPcrypt Modular System

Receptionist and (Virtual) Assistance stations

Full-featured line control system to handle inbound and outbound calls even remotely.

PPcrypt Conference System

Lifelike remote meetings and conference calls

Maximum protected conference calls with noise cancellation, and HD Audio experience.

NPconf video call system

Lifelike face-to-face meeting experience

Maximum protected video calls with untraceable connections of the participants.

NPhone Secure Communicator

The 'Presidential Red Phone' in your pocket

A state-of-the-art phone which reacts to unauthorised access attempts with self-destruction.

PTechnology versus other service providers

PTech. to PTech.

PTech. to Regular

Regular to Regular

In summary Inside PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, the communication is safe, protected, unsaved, unstored, and entirely free. No one can intercept your calls. Your privacy is protected, if you do not use outgoing ID, except if the listeners are using voice recognition. Your calls are unsecure, tappable, your contact network is traceable and easily visualisable. Avoid sensitive calls, especially if you are a priority person.
Connection security Protected, untappable, multi-layered channel and data encryption, including SRTP/ZRTP-TLS PTechnology: secure until public ecosystem
Regular providers: tappable + backdoors
Notoriously vulnerable, easily hackable, interceptable, especially the GSM communication.
Communication and call logs No call logs generated: in the system, no data are saved or stored. PTechnology: no data saved or stored
Regular providers: save and stored
Logs of calls and messaging are created, stored, and bound to your personal and financial data. Every of your calls and messages are tracable.
Personal and financial data No financial data are stored, and we only need an email address during a registration, which is not bound to any communication data. PTechnology: not saved or bound
Regular providers: saved, stored, bound
Regular providers collect, save, store and process every data in their big data systems. A hostile government can request for your profile easily.
Local calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates According to current rates
International calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates Expensive international call rates
Roaming fee No roaming fees No roaming fees, our system is global It depends on the concrete country, but usually, yes.
International conference calls - between 3 continents Completely free, protected, untappable and untraceable with crystal clear HD audio and video calls. Because of the public network, the call is traceable, tappable, the sound quality is worst, and the call is not free. In case of international businesses, 99% probability that someone is following your calls. The sound quality is poor, and the call is expensive.

Only three steps to start


Create your account

Choose a user name, and a password for your client admin.


Purchase a licence and the add-ons

Your NonPry is ready to use, while your PPcrypt devices arrive in 5 days.


Plug in your PPcrypt phone and log-in with NonPry,

And you are ready to make your first protected calls from your 7-digit PTechnology Phone Number!

No commitment period, free NonPry / PPcrypt calls worldwide

Do you have any question?
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