The Presidential red phone
in your pocket. This is the
NPhone Secure Communicator.

The highest level of the protection of your privacy and your communication. No data collecting, saving and storing. No build-in backdoors. Just clean lines, messages, and emails.
NPhone is part of the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem.

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Your Uncompromising Secure Communication and Data Protection


You and your calls are secure and protected, even using guest Wi-Fi or public hotspot.

When NPhone connects to PTechnology global servers, a shielded, secure, but invisible channel is established, like a protected VPN connection.

Communication data are not saved or stored in any way. There are no call logs either.

The calls, messages and sent documents are untraceable, even for us. Hence, if anyone could, there is no point to break into our server park.

The OS is unique and closed. No backdoors, no APIs, no unknown peripheries.

By closing the system, we eliminated the possible vulnerabilities. For your protection, NPhone accepts only dedicated peripheries.

Uniquely closed email system, without any synchronisation

NPhone's closed email system is like the POP3 emails in the old days: there are no copies of the sent/delivered emails anywhere. No backups, no exports to other system.

The high level of intrusion protection, with eventual self-destruction.

Every kind of suspicious physical or software abuse firstly smashes, then wipes all the data in the phone.

NPhone is a turnkey solution. Everything is preconfigured, no need for experts to start.

In the very moment of your NPhone is arrived, it is ready to use. You only need to login to the system.

For more details, request a consultation with our security experts

Our highly trained team, including communication, cybersecurity engineers and property protection experts, is ready to find the optimal solution for your protection.

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