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PPcrypt Frequently Asked Questions

01. What kind of documents are needed for the subscription contract?

01. We only ask for an e-mail address and a phone number (no need for a postpaid subscription). There is no customer identification and no contract to sign. You order the service on the internet, our delivery person will make an appointment with you to agree on the time and place of delivery, you pay the value of your order and that is all. You can start using PPcrypt immediately. You do not need to sign anything.

02. How long does it take for you to process my order?

02. We usually process orders within 24 hours. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive the equipment.

03. How much do I need to pay when I place my first order?

03. It depends on your order. Some examples:

In case you order one phone:
- Total: €180.00
- PPcrypt main phone line for 1 month: €40.00
- PPcrypt phone: (Yealink T41P) €115.00
- Calling Credits: €5
- Shipping and handling: €20.00

In case you order two phones:
- Total: €350.00
- 2 PPcrypt main phone lines for 1 month: €80.00
- PPcrypt phone: (Yealink T41P) €230.00
- Calling Credits: €5
- Shipping and handling: €35.00
We process new orders and settle the time and place of the delivery within 24 hours. Delivery takes 1-5 days. In order to achieve the highest level of security, we try to avoid outsider service providers as much as possible, which means in most cases we send our own deliverers to most of the world. After having completed your purchase, you can download the invoice in PDF format at the Payment History page. We suggest you load your account balance with multiple months' worth of credit in order to avoid the automatic suspension of our services. According to our experiences using PPcrypt phones is addictive because we easily get used to talking freely to the other party.

04. Is there a commitment period?

04. No. There is no commitment period. It would not make any sense either, as we do not require our customers to identity themselves. All you need is an e-mail address and a phone number to use our services. You order the service, our deliverer will agree with you on the time and place of delivery, you pay the service fee, and can start using the phone. There is no need to sign anything!

05. Which delivery company does deliver the phones?

05. In order to achieve the highest level of security, we try to avoid outsider service providers as much as possible, which means in most cases we send our own deliverers to most of the world.

06. How can I load my account balance to purchase phones and services?

06. You can use PayPal to load your Account Balance. PayPal is a convenient, fast, and safe means of payment. To load your Account Balance, click the "Payment" button on the top menu, or the "Load Account Balance" button on the Dashboard. You will need to define the sum you want to add to your account balance and click "Load Account Balance" button. Having clicked the button PayPal will appear where you can start the transaction using your PayPal e-mail address and password.

Purchasing phones and services
Having entered all the information necessary for the delivery (quantity of phones, the sum of Calling Credits you wish to purchase, and shipping address), should you have enough Account Balance click the "Pay from Account Balance" button. The sum will be deducted from your Account Balance.

In case your Account Balance is lower than the value of your order, click the "Pay with PayPal" button which will direct you to the PayPal page where you can pay for your order using your PayPal account.
Payment if you do not have PayPal account yet:
Should you not have a PayPal account, you will need to create one. PayPal requires some basic information and the information of an embossed credit or debit card. After creating your PayPal account you can use this credit card to make purchases securely all around the internet.

07. How can I refill my Calling Credits?

07. In order to load your Calling Credits you need to load your Account Balance first. You can convert your Account Balance to Calling Credits anytime. You will find information about loading your Account Balance in the previous FAQ (question nr. 6). You can load your Calling Credits by clicking the "Add Calling Credits" button on the Dashboard or the top menu. You can either use the "Auto-recharge" function, which will load your Calling Credits when it falls below a certain level you define, or use the "One Time Transter" function to convert a certain amount to your Calling Credits manually.

08. Can I pay your deliverer an extra amount to add it to my Balance?

08. Yes. Our deliverer will immediately upload the sum received via a mobile application. Our system will send you a confirmation e-mail. (Currencies we accept: EUR, USD, and HUF) We suggest you load your account balance with multiple months' worth of credit in order to avoid the automatic suspension of our services. According to our experiences using PPcrypt phones is addictive because we easily get used to talking freely to the other party.

09. What kind of invoice will I receive and how?

09. The invoice can be downloaded in PDF format right after you have paid for the services online, or to the deliverer, You will find your invoices on the "Payment History" page within your account. Invoices can be downloaded for the previous 13 months.

10. Can I pay money to other people's account?

10. Yes.

11. What kind of devices does your service support?

11. Yealink T41P and T42G, and soon other devices will be available as well.

12. I have my own Yealink phone. What should I do?

12. Should you have a Yealink T41 or T42G device, you can order our service without a phone. Our technician will contact you in 24 hours to activate your device. For the time being only these two types of devices are supported and we cannot accept any other. Activation fee is €15.00.

13. Does my computer need to be on if I want to use the phone?

13. No. There is no need for any other device. You will only need a broadband internet connection and electricity.

14. Are you going to have a mobile service, or do you already have one?

14. There is a mobile application we developed for iOS and Android, called NonPry. The app is completely compatible with the PPcrypt system and it uses the strongest encryption that is available on market of VoIP applications. But at the same time we want to draw your attention to the fact that mobile-based communication, however strong encryption it uses, will never be as safe as desktop phone solutions. Mobiles always incur the threat of viruses and spywares. Android devices come with a hardware backdoor by default, through which the manufacturer can access all the data stored on the device. Moreover, even an operating system as safe as iOS can be hacked via remotely installed spywares such as DROPOUTJEEP, which was developed by the NSA. We only know about it because Edward Snowden leaked it. This kind of spyware is able to record sound by monitoring the microphone even before the encryption process. Of course, if we make sure our mobile device does not have any spyware, a secure mobile application is the best alternative for GSM based calls, considering the fact that GSM calls and all of their information is recorded and provided to the authorities at first request. In case of a secure VoIP application this is not possible.

15. When will text messages be available?

15. PPcrypt is already capable of sending secure text messages within the network. Sending text messages is free of charge.

16. How long has the system been running, and what experiences do you have?

16. We started developing PPcrypt two year ago as we needed it. The current system has been around for about a year with little modifications. It has passed through the crossfire of many organizations in the world. The result was always positive for PPcrypt, no one stood a chance. Besides the fact that PPcrypt calls are completely uninterceptable, we also cannot and we do not want to identify our customers, this is the only way the guarantee the maximal level of security. We only ask for an e-mail address and a phone number. Please read the opinion of our users.

17. What kind of encryption does PPcrypt use?

17. A very strong one. We use a string of military and other encryption methods so strong that even the fastest computers would need billions of years to decode an encrypted datastream of 1 second.

18. What will happen if the authorities request information about me?

18. The privacy of our customers is our number one priority. We do not require any information from our customers other than an e-mail address and a phone number, and we do not store more information than it is necessary for the billing. We are not able to provide any information to the authorities.

19. Are PPcrypt to PPcrypt calls free?

19. Yes! And completely secure!

20. I move to a new place, will the service still work?

20. Yes. All you need is a broadband internet connection. The service will work anywhere in the world.

21. Is the service available in all continents?

21. The PPcrypt service will function anywhere in the world as long as there is a broadband internet connection.

22. I would like to be reached via regular phone numbers. Is that possible?

22. Yes! Our regular incoming phone number (DID number) service enables you to require and use phone numbers from a variety of cities from 28 countries of 4 continents. They can be called from any regular mobile or landline network. You can own a local phone number wherever you are in the world. For example, if you are located in the UK, but you want your German partners to call you on a German phone number with German local calling rates, here is your chance. If you also subscribe for our Caller ID Change service, you can use the same number to call anyone you want. Of course, this means you can have your whole business start and receive their calls with phone numbers from another countries. To order DID numbers, enter your User Account, and go to the "Manage Phone Lines" page to order a DID number for any PPcrypt phone lines you have.

Besides the monthly fee, you do not need to pay any extra money for receiving calls, moreover, your partners will only pay according to the local calling rates instead of costly international calls.

DID numbers cost €10/month/piece

Who do we suggest our DID number service for?
- External trade; 
- Call centers; 
- Logistics; 
- Travel agencies; 
- Hotels, companies dealing with tourism; 
- Economy, 
- Law; 
- Healthcare and recreation services; 
- Family members living abroad.

Attention: In case you call an external phone number, the call will be traceable from the external endpoint of the phone network to the PPcrypt server, which means calls can be monitored on the other side. However, your location and identity cannot be traced. Your calls will run through a secure line as soon as the data reaches our servers, and calls cannot be traced to your location.

Should you need a phone number from an area you cannot find in our list, feel free to contact us.

23. I am calling a normal number with my PPcrypt phone, is my call traceable?

23. No! Your call will go out from one of our 14 international servers (we do not have US or EU servers) into the millions of calls on the normal network. This method enables users to call regular numbers and be in the safe network until the connection point the regular network. At the connection point, the phone line switches randomly for each call. The randomly changing phone line makes it impossible for anyone to intercept or connect to the line. Moreover, our system is not connected to the EI (Equipment Identity) system, which means no one has a chance to find out who you are.

24. What kinds of calls are listed on your phone bills?

24. We only register the details of calls outside the system, and only for billing purposes. (date, destination, time, and cost) we are technically unable to record other call details, and we do not even want to.

25. What will appear as my Caller ID?

25. The number you get when creating your account will be used as your Caller ID. However, you can subscribe for our Caller ID Change service. This service will enable you to change your phone number anytime, without limitations. The service costs €5/month/number.

26. Can calling a single phone number trigger phones in multiple locations?

26. If you want multiple phones to ring for the same phone number, please contact us and we will set it up for you.

27. Can I order my phones with Cash on Delivery?

27. Yes, you can.

28. Why was there a deduction when I made a call to a free area?

28. PPcrypt offers free calls to numerous countries. We provide the free balance for regular, fair use.

However, we reserve the right to limit and control the possibility of free calls in case of excessive use. After this you can make calls at normal rates. 
After the end of the billing cycle we will provide you free calls again as long as you have free balance left.

29. How can I call a regular phone number?

29. When you dial a regular number on your PPcrypt phone (whether it is a local or an international number) you should always dial 00 - country code - area code - subscriber number. For example for a number in Los Angeles, USA, you should dial: 00 1 323 1234567

30. What references do you have?

30. We have hundreds of clients. However, as the privacy of our clients is our number one priority, we do not ask for an ID. We are in close cooperation with several partners, but we do not have permission to provide any information about them. Our clientele includes company owners and CEOs, managers, financial institutions, lawyers, tax advisors and accountants.

31. What if I get a static noise during phone calls?

31. If you hear a static noise, try to connect the power adapter directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to avoid extension cords, power strips and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

32. If I cancel the service, will my phone still work?

32. Yes! The Yealink telephones can be reset easily to the manufacturer’s default state. (Attention: In this case our firmware will be deleted, and only we can restore it!) Pressing the OK button for 10 seconds will reset your device to default.

Do you have any question?
Our customer service team is at your disposal!

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+1 (707) 8199311


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