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NonPry Frequently Asked Questions

What is NonPry?

“For those who have nothing to hide, but something to protect” this is our main slogan, and the primary consideration in our developments is the protection of our customer’s data. We are constantly striving for the most secure communication possible, in this field the data protection only can be offered with continuous development and attention. Data protection is becoming increasingly important in our world, and legislators are beginning to recognize this (GDPR, e-Privacy), although the application and implementation of this is not complete, but the direction that it is taking is good and commendable. In the services that we provide, security is the priority. Prevent third-party access to data.

Where can i get it?

On Google Play and Appstore

What documents are required for the conclusion of the subscriber contract?

We only ask for an email address and a phone number (it doesn’t have to be prepaid)! We don’t have loyalty time obligation. Just register and once you ordered our service yo can instantly make a call! You don’t have to sign anything!

Do you have loyalty time for the subscription?

In NonPry we don’t have loyalty time obligation. It doesn’t make sense since there’s no customer ID. An email address and a phone number are enough to use the service.

How do I top up my Call Balance?

To top up your Call Balance, first you have to top up your Account Balance and then convert it to a Call Balance. To do this click the "Top up" button in the top menu bar, and then click "Top up Call Balance". Or you can also click the "Top up Call Balance" button in the Control Panel.

Can I pay the courier to top up my Balance?

Yes. Our courier will inmediately top up the amount of money received to your Account Balance via a mobile app. Our system will send you a confirmation email about this. Our accepted currencies are: EUR, USD and HUF. If possible, we recommend you to top up your Balance with enough funds for several months to prevent the service from being automatically turned off. In our experience, it’s easy to get used to PPcrypt, as you get used to the freedom of communication. When our service stopped due to an issue out of our control, for even 15-20 minutes, we found ourselves facing a multitude of emails, all asking about the cause of the problem and the time of the restoration.

When and in what form do i receive my invoice?

The invoice can be downloaded online in PDF in the "Purchases so far" menu item within your account, inmediately after you make the payment to our courier. Your invoices can be downloaded at any time for 13 months.

Can I top up anyone's - family member's, coworker's, customer's - Account Balance?


In what type of devices does NonPry works on?

NonPry can be used on any device running Android and iOS operating system.

Is there such a secret "landline" telephone system?

Yes! PPcrypt is already running on a desktop telephone switchboard system. PPcrypt is fully compatible with NonPry and uses the strongest encryption available on the VoIP-based services market. At the same time, we need to draw your attention to the fact that even with an application that uses the strongest encryption, mobile-based communication will not be as secure as the desktop telephony solution. In the case of mobile phones there is always the risk of viruses and spyware. Android devices come from the manufacturer with an accessible hardware backdoor, but even secure systems like iOS can be hacked with remotely installed spywares such as the NSA-developed DROPOUTJEEP, which we know from documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Such spywares can record conversations by monitoring the microphone before the encryption process happens. Of course, if we make sure that our mobile phone doesn't get spyware, an encrypted mobile app is a much better alternative to GSM-based calls, as GSM calls and their data are automatically recorded and made available on request. This is not possible with an encrypted mobile app.

Since when has the system been in operation and what experience does it has?

NonPry is 3 years old and has 7 years of development work behind it.

Our application has passed the baptism of fire several times, it has also caught the largest security organizations in the world. In addition to the inability of third parties to access your data and chat, we don't know and don't even want to know our users identity, thus ensuring maximum security. That's why we only ask for an email address and a phone number to use our services. Read the honest opinions of our users!

What encryption does NonPry uses?

Very strong. We use military and other encryption systems so powerful, developed specifically for NonPry, that even the most serious computers would need hundreds of years to decrypt a minute of data that we encrypt.

What happens if an authority – police, public prosecutor's office, tax office – asks for data?

The data security of our subscribers is of paramount importance to us, so we do not have customer identification, we only ask for an email address and a phone number, and we do not store data, only what is neccesary for accurate billing. The storage of accounting data is deleted after deduction from the internal balance, so we cannot make it available to official organizations.

Are calls within the NonPry network free of charge?

Yes! And they are completely secure! And communication between NonPry and PPCrypt systems is also free of charge!

I am moving to a new location, will the service continue to work?

Yes! All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

Does the service work anywhere in the world?

The NonPry service works anywhere in the world where there is a broadband internet connection.

Can I call NonPry or PPcrypt by regular landline?

Yes! With our monthly fee standard incoming number (DID number) service, you can request an incoming number from hundreds of cities in 79 countries on 4 continents (WHAT IS THIS? INCOMING NUMBER is a now starting service) that can be dialed by any traditional landline or mobile device. A DID number gives you the ability to have a local phone number, wherever you are in the world.

For example, if you are in the UK but would like to be called on a German phone number at a domestic fee, this is an option. If you also have our Caller ID change service, you can make outgoing calls from the same number. This means that, if you want, you can even endow your entire business with phone numbers from another country. To order a DID number, log in to your account, where you can place your order in the interface of NonPry lines.

In addition to the monthly fee, you do not have to pay extra costs for receiving calls, and the caller from the other country only pays the local fee instead of the expensive international call.

Monthly fee for using the number: In most countries it is EUR 10/month, there are some countries that can be called at a higher fee. For specific prices, please contact our customer service.

Who do we recommend DID Number to?
- Foreign trades
- Call centers
- Transportation companies
- Travel agencies
- Hotels and tourism related jobs
- Financial areas
- Law
- Health and recreation services
- Family members living abroad

Attention: if you purchase an external number, the call can be verified from the external endpoint of the phone network to the NonPry server. In this case, the call can be checked on the other party's side, this means that the line can be intercepted. From the server the data is in an already encrypted network, so from then the system operates with maximum security.

If you would like to purchase a phone number from another country or city that is not listed, please contact us!

If I call a normal number, can someone trace where I am calling from?

No! Your call will be routed from one of our multiple international servers (no US or EU server) to the normal network with millions of simultaneous calls. This solution allows our users to dial and call a traditional phone number in an encrypted and secure connection to the connection point of the traditional phone network. From this point on, the calling line randomly and untraceably switch to another line in every phone call. The constantly and automatically changing calling line and encryption make it impossible for anyone to connect or eavesdrop on a phone call. Furthermore, this line is not connected to the EI (Equipment Identity) system.

What calls are recorded in the call list?

We only record data about calls made to the outside of NonPry's system, for billing reasons. (Date - Destination - Duration - Cost) Due to the technical structure of the system, we are unable to record anything else, and we are not obliged to do so.

What will be my displayed phone number?

The NonPry number is assigned to you during the activation. When you make an outgoing call, you'll see an Austrian number, or by calling *18 all your following calls will be shown as hidden number to the called party.

Can the same NonPry phone number ring in multiple locations?

If you want more than one NonPry device to ring at the same time when you have an incoming call, contact us.

How can I call a traditional phone number?

When calling a traditional phone number from a NonPry telephone (regardless of whether the number is local or international), always dial 00 - country code - area code - phone number. For example, in the case of a mobile call to Telekom in Hungary: 00 36 30 1234567.

What reference do they have?

The number of our subscribers is constantly growing, but since the security of our subscribers is of paramount importance to us, there is no customer identification. We work very closely with several of our partners, but we are unable to provide any information about them in accordance with their request and our operating principles. Our users include business owners, corporate executives, financial institutions, lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, and research developers.

Do you have any question?
Our customer service team is at your disposal!

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