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NonPry - Outgoing calls

During the designing process of NonPry's interface, we had been focusing to make is as simple and streamlined as it possible.

Make a phone call inside PTechnology Network

Enter the 7-digit PTechnology (NonPry or PPcrypt) number you wish to call, and press the  button.

Dial a PTechnology Number

Inside PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, your calls are free and protected.

Make a phone call to Regular Network

Calling traditional phone numbers with NonPry is as easy as making a protected and secure call inside the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem.

When you call a regular number through NonPry App you should always dial "00" or "+" & country code & area code & subscriber number, eg. 00 1 702 123 4567 or +1 702 123 4567.

Dial a Regular Phone Number

Important! When you call a regular phone number, your calls and voice leave the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem. The regular phone carrier might save and store your communication data and your voice.

Do you have any question?
Our customer service team is at your disposal!

United States

+1 (707) 8199311


+52 (55) 85261818

Client service line

2345678 - from PTechnology network