We are proud to present

The most secure internet, phone, video conferencing, messaging, document and file transfer service publicly available today.

PTechnology offers an untraceable, truly surveillance-proof, feature rich communication service, at a very reasonable price.

Our new solution: secure global internet access, calling card and protected video conference solutions

Secure connectivity

Fast, secure, instant global internet access

End your dependence on your mobile operator for data connectivity and use your internet connection worldwide, without roaming charges!

  • More than 170 countries without roaming
  • Full data speed, no daily limits or throttling
  • Simple and ready-to-go solution
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Nonpry Calling Card

Call 170+ countries around the world for 30 days with your NonPry Calling Card for free!

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Nonpry Private VOIP Phone

Make secure calls, send encrypted messages and files on your existing iOS/Android phone!

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Unlimited secure Video Calls

Our on-the-fly encrypted video call solution keeps your face and voice protected against all threats.

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Do you need a special solution? Our customer support agents are ready to design a tailored solution for you!

Why do you need to protect your communication?

Digitalisation undoubtedly makes the way of communication easier, but convenience comes at a price: we are much more vulnerable than ever. Let's see only two examples of commonplace threats:

Cyber criminalism

You and your business are under targeted / untargeted attacks by

  • Modern corporate espionage cybercriminals have been hired to obtain information of your business
  • Hostile autocrat governments who use national infrastructure for surveillance

Data capitalism

Your privacy is violated, and your personal data is misused by

  • Service providers, who collect, use and/or exchange your personal data with their partners
  • Companies behind popular “free” messaging apps who earn money on your personal / communication data

In these days, by using a sophisticated malware AI, it is enough to have just a few metadata, a poorly configured router, or one click on a well targeted spam mail, and the specialized cybercriminals can easily find a way to get the data or information they want.

The only way to prevent the attacks is to minimize your vulnerability.

By using PTechnology communication solutions, you protect your audio and video calls, and messages against unauthorised third parties.

The solution:

PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

An exclusive, closed network with 7-digit phone numbers, where your communication is protected.

We created a publicly available, but secure communication ecosystem. No backdoors, no secret admin accesses. Inside the network, your communication is protected from any unauthorised third parties.

Highlights of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

Closed network, unsaved communication. Safe and untraceable calls inside.

Unbreakable encryptions, cyber traps, protected channels. Neither your communication, nor your personal data are saved or stored.


Free calls, messages, file and document sending inside the network.

Free international communication with your co-workers or clients. You only need the licence, which costs app. two cappuccinos per month.

Everything is pre-configured, and ready to use. A turnkey solution.

No additional cybersecurity expert is needed. You only need to connect, login, and the setup process runs remotely, and fully automated.

Client solutions in the network

NonPry secure calls for iOS/Android

Secure calls, protected messages and encrypted file sending on your existing phone.

NonPry is virtual phone application you can download easily from the app stores. It combines the rich telephony features of our Virtual PBX phone servers with a classic messaging application. Using NonPry is like you would have two separate phone in your pocket. Highlights:

Secure calls even using public Wi-Fi / hotspot

Calling, messaging and file sending is secure even from the underground.

Secure business messenger without read recipients

It is your decision, when to read or reply a message. Especially in business.

Secure document, photo and video sending

Encrypted file sending with auto-destruction, without size limit.

Multiple Virtual Phone Numbers on your existing phone

International, local or mobile numbers to extend your business.

Frills-free, clean, easy to use user interface

Designed purely for secure information-exchange.

PPcrypt secure landline phone system

A full-featured audio and video phone system that completely covers all your business needs.

From single workstations to multi-line reception desk, from meeting rooms to the management assistant's communication station, the PPcrypt device and service portfolio meets all the telecommunication needs of every business.

Remote office ready solution. When your device gets connected to the internet, it finds the nearest PTechnology server and establishes a connection. Even from a hotel room, with a broadband internet, your audio and video calls are as secure as you would be in your own, secured office. Highlights:

Uncompromising security, protected privacy

Strings of encryption and a closed system keeps you safe.

Full-featured virtual PBX system

All enterprise-level features are available from the first license.

Elegant, premium Yealink devices

Clear user interfaces, high quality materials.

Crystal clear, HD audio and video calls, even internationally

Every supported device is powerful enough to encrypt the audio and video data in real-time.

In partnership with

SIP solution provider

Further secure communication clients arrives in 2024

NPhone Secure Communicator

The highest level of protection of your privacy and your communication. Entirely isolated communication network, without any connection to the regular networks. No data collecting, saving and storing. No build-in backdoors. Deep fake voice and video protection. This is the ‘presidential red phone’ in your pocket.

NPconf Secure Video Conference System

The Video Conferencing Endpoints of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem. Ultimate simplicity, perfect solutions for every size of meeting and conference room. Lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience with wide-angle lenses, cameras with optical zoom and FHD+ sensors.

Our typical clients and use cases

An exclusive circle of conscious individuals and businesses who have nothing to hide but a lot to protect.

Consultants, Contractors and Negotiators

Using PTechnology solutions, they comply with their clients' comsec requests. Thanks to virtual phone number(s), they can easily separate their private and business communication, and protect their privacy.

Lawyers, Tax advisors, PIs and Investigative journalists

There are situations, where the protection of calls, messages, sent photos and documents is more than a must. PTechnology offers unsaved, untappable and untraceable communication, even through unprotected network.

Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small and medium size businesses

Instead of using e.g. WhatsApp or unprotected regular phone lines, our clients protect their conversations, IPs and data from third parties and save money by using our full-featured communication system.

International businesses

Free international communication between branches on different continents. Moreover, these audio and video calls, messages and sent documents are protected from corporate espionage and hostile government surveillance.

Enterprises, non-executive management and upper class

PTechnology solutions are trusted by high-priority persons of the private and public sectors. They keep their contact network private, their privacy protected, and their business communication safe.

Critical National Infrastructure

The entirely closed ecosystem protects the inside communication from deep fake voice authentication, cyberterrorism and international government-backed cyberwar; our system hangs up the line if a "middle-man" tries to compromise the line.


Very reasonable prices, simple and transparent pricing system.No hidden fees, No obligations

We use a top-up based account balances with time-based licence system. In this way, we do not need to store your financial data, and your PTechnology account is not bound to any of your personal or business credit cards.

Learn more about our licence system

Gift! $4 credit: ~200 min to US/UK

One month licence


/ month

Ideal choice for short-term projects, or to a new employee/client. If you need three months access, simply buy three licences.

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  • Free, unlimited secure internal calls
  • Free, unlimited secure file sending
  • Low cost local and international calls
  • Full-featured telephony system
  • No obligations or automatic renewals

Gift! $60 credit: ~4000 min to US/UK

Annual licence


/ year

A very reasonable choice, with two months gratis and $60 gift top up for calling regular numbers.

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  • Free, unlimited secure internal calls
  • Free, unlimited secure file sending
  • Low cost local and international calls
  • Full-featured telephony system
  • No obligations or automatic renewals

Client service line

2345678 - from PTechnology network


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